Annacarla & Simona

Annacarla & Simona

The effortlessly cool Milan-based influencer duo interviewed each other on style, inspirations and their ‘NOFACE’ policy.

Fearless and eclectic, we’re drawn to Annacarla Dall’Avo and Simona Carlucci’s technicolour styling. Long-time fans of R&B, they rank among Milan’s best known stylistas, but only the most devoted fans might be able to pick this duo out of a crowd… When they launched their fashion-focused Instagram, they made the unique decision to keep their faces, and therefore their identities, out of the picture.

‘We wanted people to focus their attention on looks first of all and not our faces,’ Annacarla tells us. Initially the concept was a barrier, but almost 5,000 posts and 180k followers later (and counting), it’s a philosophy that has paid off - the pair’s natural flair for putting together looks has won over their followers and retained their privacy. We caught up with them to hear more...

On meeting

S: We met 12 years ago in 2008, in Florence at Polimoda, the fashion school - we were in the same class.
AC: After Polimoda, I went to Paris, for an Erasmus in History of Art.
S: And I went to Milano to start working.
AC: A year later, we met again in Milano, and one day, we had an idea.
S: To launch and instagram page together - @annacarlaesimone.
AC: We’re passionate about fashion, and social media, Instagram, in particular, seemed the way to reach people.
S: It’s the perfect window to talk about style.

On inspiration

AC: Milan feeds our passion, it gives us inspiration.
S: It’s important for our business to stay in a place that is full of energy and life.
S: Everybody inspires us.
AC: It’s a creative world.
S: Seeing a movie, listening to music. Or when we’re out at dinner - a girl we see, flowers, a place...

On working together

S: We’re complimentary.
AC: There’s a very good balance between us - it’s natural.
S: We always support each other, through everything.
AC: Not only in terms of business, but in terms of our friendship.
S: There’s friendship under the business.

On jewellery

AC: My family have a jewellery company in Arezzo, near Florence - it’s a Goldsmiths, they produce jewellery for many famous and luxury brands.
S: And private production.
AC: We launched our gold bracelets and rings two years ago - they’re 18 carat gold, and they are very light - we sell them on our website. It’s not really a brand - maybe a mini brand!

On day to day

AC: Our days depend on our projects - finding new trends, working on our Instagram account. We have an agency who manage our schedules and our collaborations with brands.
S: Every day is different!
AC: It’s alot about networking, meeting different people.

On Noface

AC: We had the NoFace idea for privacy.
S: NoFace means people can identify themselves in our style, our looks. It’s been a good way to be close to our followers.
AC: But in the beginning it wasn’t easy; people want to see what you do, who you are, that put a wall between us and our followers. But gradually our followers understood that they can be close to us, without us showing our faces. Now, sometimes, they recognise us by our style - the way we put looks together!

On style

AC: We always say our style is eclectic.
S: Putting looks together is natural for us.
AC: Different styles, brands. Style is an attitude, a way to wear clothes.
S: How you walk, how you talk, how you smile.

On Rat & Boa

AC: A few years ago - maybe four - a friend of mine wore a piece of Rat & Boa - it was so beautiful.
S: So you asked her about the brand.
AC: And then we discovered it. We love all the collections - beautiful materials, beautiful styles. You can wear Rat & Boa for any occasion - it’s perfect for the beach, perfect for an aperitivo somewhere elegant, for a wedding...
S: Or any special event - it’s very contemporary.
AC: And also a little romantic. It’s a sensual woman, a modern woman.
S: But never too sexy, never provocative.

On favourite dresses

S: Everything!
AC: The Magdalena dress - I love that you can change the way to wear it.
S: You can mix it with different shoes, with different jewellery, bags - each time a different look.
AC: One of our other favourites is the Isabella - the big sleeves are so romantic.
S: I love that different girls with different styles can wear R&B.
AC: We also love the Instagram page!
S: And Valentina, one of the designers, is very inspiring, very cool, very elegant.
AC: When there are good designers behind a brand, that coolness, that attitude, becomes part of the brand, so we can breathe it in through Rat & Boa - this is very important.
S: We love the brand.



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