Virgo Season: August 22nd – September 23rd 2021
Element: Earth
Stone: Citrine, Lapis Lazuli or Carnelian


Your worth does not depend on your productivity. However, in recent weeks you might have forgotten about that wise philosophy. The first half of August saw you firing on all cylinders and perhaps running yourself into the ground. Now it’s time to take a backseat and observe all that you have built. Notice the abundance you sit on. Now is the time to let others come to you. Sit calmly in the knowledge that you have done your best for your community and your wider network. If there is a desire for intimacy or closer friendship, release the need to respond to every soul who beckons at your door. Choose wisely to spend energy this month with those who lift you up and will reward you in the long term. Your health, body and time management are up for review. People want to engage with you more than ever this Virgo season, and the New Moon on September 6th asks you to streamline how you work and engage with others. Let them adapt to your schedule.


2021 has a tall order for Taurus – to be the most innovative and dynamic individuals. Thankfully, Virgo season aligns in perfect harmony with your sign, allowing you to put into practice those wonderful ideas that have been percolating in recent months. Your mind will be even more on your money when the Virgo New Moon arrives on September 6th, asking you to take a calculated risk and employ a new strategy in your financial world. At work you’re being noticed for your sharp insights, but your heart has other concerns. There might be conflict or confusion in your friendships or romantic ties at the end of August. Stay alert for deceptive behaviour or blurred lines. Stay true to your values and honour your boundaries.


Remember that your joy comes from learning and expanding your mind. You are first and foremost a cerebral sign that is motivated by your childlike curiosity. This Virgo season wants you to rekindle your inner intellectual and see your heart crack open just a bit wider as you reconnect to your life purpose. Nourish yourself on ideas this month, on the dreams of future adventures beckoning you to dive in and think big. Whether or not you believe in a divine being, spirit is closer to you this month. Quieten the background noise and tune into your most brilliant ideas. Then use the new moon on September 6th to kick them into high gear.



Virgo season shifts your attention to your internal world. Harmonious planetary alignments are triggering your subconscious realms. This is a powerful month for healing rituals, therapeutic work and for getting in touch with any unacknowledged needs. Family may figure strongly as well as your dream world, so keep a diary by the bed to catch any downloads. This mysterious energy won’t keep you from being social however. Your friendship groups want to receive you with open arms and hear what you have to say. Spontaneous weekend getaways may pop up at short notice, and you will be high in demand as invitations roll in. Just make sure to prioritise the people who fill your cup and make you feel at home.


Virgo season brings sudden developments in career and finance that might be long overdue. The time is now, and you might be the one actively pushing open the door to your future. Whatever has been simmering for you in your career since February is coming to a head this month. Know that whatever transpires is meant to be, as Uranus the keeper of your destiny is high in your stars, bringing you what you justly deserve. Step into your authority this month and solidify those collaborations that will stand the test of time. You’re thinking seriously about the long term and are able to effortlessly negotiate your way into good places. Keep the lines of communication open with everyone this month and stay true to your values as you speak about your plans.


The stars are aligning in order for you to take action on everything that has been germinating since February of this year. There is an opportunity this Virgo season for you to have a bountiful harvest, if you are confident enough to take action. Push past the fear that’s causing your hesitancy and take the plunge. You’re not one for high risk factor, but acknowledge the fact that some fruits are ripe for the picking and only you know which ones. In money matters and career, you have the support of the cosmos to take small steps that will reward you in the long term and pave the way for more abundance. Mercury in your money zone is aligning with Saturn, ruler of structure and things built to last. Examine your efficiency and notice what systems could be put in place to streamline your efforts at work. With Mars in your sign for the first time in two years, this is not the time to people please. Prioritise Virgo’s desires and don’t feel bad about it.



This month asks you to seriously check in with your value system, making sure that what you’re putting energy into is aligned with who you are at your core. Do your actions make sense for your overall belief system? Where are you when you’re happiest and who surrounds you? Ask yourself which of your relationships you want to sustain for life. There might be healing work to be done around receiving love and connecting to relationships, as well as keeping your own persona independent and intact. On a practical level, the Gods of sleep and dreams are beckoning you into a deep state of rest with the New Moon on September 6th, but the outside world keeps filling up your inbox with invitations, ideas and collaborations. If you can, take some time for rest and reflection, it is in the quiet moments that profound realisations occur to do with finance and intimacy. If there are questions in those areas, the answers come when you are alone. Flashes of insight are brighter in the dark.


When we build something for longevity, the struggle is sometimes uneventful and tiring. You are working towards something that will serve you long into the future, and you know more than any sign that foundations must be strong. This Virgo season, you’re making sure the soil is nourished for whatever you want to see bloom years from now. There are connections and people in your wider network who want to forge closer bonds and become allies. Your most exciting and authentic friendships will make themselves known this month. Just keep your boundaries intact as Pluto in your communication sector means everybody wants a piece of you. If people are demanding answers, you won’t be able to find them by thinking. Instead, summon your powerful intuitive senses and feel your way through this month.


If summer has been luxurious, Virgo season brings you back to work and opens you up to a whole new world. Notice the women orbiting you, as Venus in your network sector might bring inspiring female figures to your attention. If you find yourself dissatisfied with certain friendships, now is the time to dream up your ideal tribe and consider what qualities your people should have. The stars this month are nesting in your success and long-term goal sector, which means you could be doing a lot of future projecting. Some of this is healthy and needed, but Neptune in your emotional core means you’re unsure of your motivations. Consider all your options, dream up a rainbow of scenarios but don’t think you have to have a clear game plan now. Instead, focus on the task at hand in your immediate calendar and ground into the everyday.



Take your aspirations to travel more seriously. If you can’t fly away just now, then summon a multicultural mindset because your higher mind wants to be exercised. Online courses or mingling with people from different cultures will satisfy an urge you maybe didn’t know you had. What can you learn that will enhance your reputation in the workplace? Show those around you how curious you are. The more eager you are to learn, the sooner the ideal teacher will appear. Let your curiosity guide you rather than focussing on a specific outcome. Whatever you put mental energy into now has the potential to bring financial rewards down the line.


The pursuit of pleasure and the pursuit of money are not mutually exclusive. Neptune in your value sector might have you temporarily doubting your worth. It’s a moment that passes after the end of August. Come September, you’re able to find solid ground and realise that you deserve to play. So get excited about future projects, while plotting how to bring in more money. Strategy doesn’t always have to be so serious. 2021 might be stunting your ability to transform and turn over an entirely new page, but September allows you to dive deep into your subconscious desires in case you need to release something emotional. Alternative therapies, and healing body treatments can help you tap into the re-birth phase.


Seduction is not a sin if you’re seducing what you know is yours. You’re the compassionate caregiver of the zodiac, but this month wants you to ask for what you want from others. There might be subtle opposition, so stay in your power and summon your magnetism as you use this time to get what you want most in the material world. Emotionally, there’s a lot going on in your relationships. How you do intimacy and what role you play in your closest relationships is under the spotlight. If something needs to change, you’re able to verbally express any unmet needs now. Talk it out, write it down, and know that hashing the same topic out several times isn’t obsessive, sometimes it’s necessary.


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