With travel on pause, we’re digging into our memory banks and photo albums for imaginary trips to some of our favourite spots...

Endless sun-scorched days, longer dance-filled nights, tanned skin, silk dresses, forgetting the time, the day, the week. Freedom, fun, and the prickling sense that suddenly life has a soundtrack - it has to be Ibiza. The best host, hook up, dancer - a place to fall in love with new friends, or rekindle the romance with old ones. A melting pot of coincidences, the island vibrates with the steady thrum of its own heart. Heady, hedonistic, utterly captivating.

Here's the White Isle, by us, for you…


Valentina x Stephanie 

Just landed, where first?

V: ‘Our first stop is always the beach. We love to explore on our scooters, find the perfect sun spot, play music, have a few drinks, sunbathe freely. We’re always torn between the north and south… North we go to Cala Xuclar in Portinatx – the tiny bay is one of Ibiza’s last truly untouched beaches – ideal to relax and unwind after a flight. In the South we love the tiny coves near Salinas beach, embracing a colourful, lively vibe. Prop up an umbrella and hang out there until sunset.’

Holiday snapshot?

S: ‘Our mantra is always late to bed, early to rise. Traveling with friends we’ll stay in a villa in the countryside and love nothing more than a lazy day by the pool, an afternoon siesta and a late dinner on the terrace. With each other we stay in a small hotel – favourites include Legados Ibiza and Los Enamorados, each has their own spirit and personality, like Ibiza. We begin most days with an early breakfast (unless, of course, we’ve stayed out till the early hours, when the best and only cure for a hangover is the ocean) then head to the beach, eat fresh food at a local chiringuito, play a cheeky game of cards and drink cocktails...’

Island style?

S: ‘My summer style takes on a more bohemian feel; colour, print, fringed skirts crafted from scarves, white dresses with sandals, headwraps and statement earrings. I like to mix it up, especially in Ibiza where anything goes...’
V: ‘Depending on how I feel, I either go for a laid back androgynous look with sunglasses and a statement bag or wear a slinky dress, set off by lots of accessories; paired with a sunburnt glow on my face and shoulders – it makes any outfit look sexy!’

Where to explore?

V: Last Summer we spent a few afternoons in Santa Gertrudis, a lively village with an artistic community at the heart of the island – great for shopping and eating! I bought a green silk shirt there which I love. The north of the island moves to a different rhythm; more zen and laid back with quieter beaches – San Juan’s hippy market on a Sunday is a highlight for local produce and live music. We always find time for a boat trip to our favourite sister island Formentera – with crystal clear turquoise waters and white sand beaches, it’s the perfect way to round off all the partying.’

And after dark?

S: We always have so much fun dressing up and Ibiza is the ultimate summer destination to do it! We love to come back from a day on the beach and dance away, watching the sun go down while getting ready for the evening. Never knowing where the night will take us is the spirit of the island. You can embrace a glamorous or laidback look – the beauty and energy of Ibiza offers the best of both worlds – and always be in for a magical surprise! So often the best nights are the unplanned ones...’

Best memories?

V: ‘A few years ago we booked a last minute trip and stayed in a stunning farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Forgetting to organise transport we had to hitchhike our way up and down the island for the first few nights as taxis refused to go that far out... We met many funny characters on that trip! Last summer we ran into old friends we hadn’t seen in years and found ourselves at an amazing birthday party in the hills.’ S: ‘We visited in November for a friend's space themed party – it was held in a private villa and was so special. It was so nice to appreciate the island in the off season, when it is just as beautiful and moves to a different beat to the hectic summer months... And, of course, there are some memories that are better kept between us and Ibiza.’

Ibiza in 60 seconds…

Cala Xarraca / Ses Illetes Formentera
Los Enamarados, in Portinax harbour, Hostal La Torre, or overlooking Es Vedra
V & S: Whiskey Sour
Summer scent:
S: DoSon by Diptyque V: Halfeti by Penhaligons
Los Enamarados, Portinax / Finca Legado
V: ‘Tanning oil, a wild card party dress, lots of jewellery and facemasks ’
S: ‘Grecian sandals, coloured scarves, sunglasses, coconut oil, heels for dancing.’
AM: 3 Days, Rhye / PM: Starry Night, Peggy Go
V: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
S: The End of Loneliness by Benedict Wells
V: Giri Café, and the farm to table cuisine of La Granja and Aubergine./h5>
S: San Juan & Santa Gertrudis are our go-tos for dinner with friends.
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